Our History

In the 1800s, during an apprenticeship among Quaker families, William Hood Dunwoody learned a respect for life and an appreciation for all mankind. He carried these ideals throughout his life and later founded a home for older adults on his property. In 1974, this property became Dunwoody Village, one of the area’s first continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs).

In the early days, Dunwoody was home to just 50 residents; today, our numbers total 400, including many second-generation residents. They come here because they recognize our excellent reputation and our continued commitment to Mr. Dunwoody’s ideals of caring, respect and kindness.

The Octagonal School House

Dunwoody Village is home to an historic octagonal schoolhouse called the Hood Octagonal School. Built in 1842 by William Hood Dunwoody’s great grandfather James Hood, the schoolhouse was used well into the 19th century. In 2006, it was awarded designation on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, it serves local schoolchildren as an historic learning site.

Longtime resident Fred Kramer worked diligently to get Dunwoody Village’s Hood Octagonal School listed in the National Register of Historic Places.